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Overfilling can cost you money, reputation and trust

Choose a maximum degree of safety and reliability

Level measurement in your storage tanks can bring several challenges. It is good practice to separate the continuous level measurement and overfill prevention functions into two distinct systems. Controlling the level requires sophisticated techniques as measurement must be accurate. Our Liquiphant Failsafe is a reliable point level switch that addresses your requirements in MIN/MAX safety applications up to SIL3. Additionally, a permanent LIVE signal monitors the function safety.

Safe and reliable measurement even in challenging conditions

Liquiphant is an active device working on the vibronic fork principle. Compared to other methods, it does not depend on the physical properties of the media it measures and can tolerate a higher amount of build-up. As soon as the function might be impaired due to heavy build up or corrosion, an alarm sounds allowing you to keep your process safe.

Our Liquiphant Failsafe point level detection offers

  • 4 to 20mA output according to NAMUR NE06/NE43 for an easy integration with Nivotester FTL825 or directly to a safety programmable logic controller (PLC)

  • Our Liquiphant Failsafe point level switch provides accurate fluid-level measurement for overfill prevention independent of other gauging systems installed on the tank

  • Safe function thanks to permanent self-monitoring

  • Smart proof testing via push button without dismounting

  • Proof test interval of up to 12 years

Static custody transfer - measuring points

  • Choose a maximum degree of safety and reliability. ©Endress+Hauser

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