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Biogas conversion to energy

Did you know that today 93% of all biogas is released in the atmosphere?

The biogas industry is growing in importance as the world continues to look for alternative, clean energy sources. However, the chemical makeup of biogas presents the key problem. Indeed, biogas contains methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), both considered to be greenhouse gases, but in most cases it also contains traces of water, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen. Without proper measurement and control plan, it is challenging to make biogas production profitable and compliant.

Measurement and control plan

We continuously invest in the research and development of new and innovative measuring methods. Measurement being our core competence, we use our expertise each day to help you overcome your challenges and achieve your goals. We use this information with our development specialists to invent new and better instrumentation designed to meet or exceed your needs.

Reliable technologies for process control

  • Level measurement based on the Time-of-Flight principle (radar and ultrasonic) for detecting foam in the fermenter

  • Level limit detection (capacitance level) for detecting the level limit in the fermenter

  • Electromagnetic induction flow measurement of liquids for detecting substrate solutions and for balancing

  • Flow measurement for biogas

  • Temperature measurement for the microbial breakdown process into biogas in every fermenter.

  • Pressure measurement for hydrostatic level measurement in collection tanks or fermenters

  • Analytical measurements for the microbial breakdown of the biomass and the manure

Meeting regulations

It is not easy to meet all the emissions regulations. The plant must perform periodic performance evaluations of monitoring equipment, including daily calibration error tests, daily interference tests for flow monitors and semi-annual (or annual) tests. The owner or operator also must develop and implement a written quality assurance/ quality control plan for each system.



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