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Optimize CIP by monitoring concentration

Endress+Hauser conductivity sensors save you 30% on cleaning agent costs by ensuring correct dosages

The challenge behind relying on purely timing-based CIP systems is the guess work in assuming the whole loop is up to concentration by dosing detergents into the system and running them through for a set time period. To ensure cleaning is complete, time and concentration are extended by a set safety margin. Conductivity sensors in the return line are easy to install and enable the exact adjustment of concentration - ensuring the entire loop is at the required concentration level.

Utilize conductivity measurement to conserve resources

Conductivity measurement on the return line and make-up tank allows you to directly calculate percentage concentration to ensure the whole loop is to required concentration level and ideal cleaning conditions have been reached. Reducing chemical usage and optimizing cleaning time reduces the amount of energy needed to keep the CIP loop at the right temperature. Faster phase shifts and the use of less detergent reduces the amount of water required resulting in energy and water treatment savings.

Ensure cleanability with hygienic conductivity sensors

When specifying new equipment, more food processors are turning to recommended 3-A and EHEDG certified equipment that follows hygienic design principles. However, in order to measure changing conditions (high and low temperature, pH and conductivity), the need for robust conductivity sensors that also conforms to 3-A and EHEDG hygienic design requirements is essential. This offers the highest levels of sanitary safety and meets FDA and EN 1935/2004 requirements using robust PEEK sensor material.

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