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Temperature profiling in fixed-bed reactor

Reach any point in your reactor at once with our three-dimensional temperature profiling solution

Conversion reactions are executed in fixed-bed reactors. The advantage of such an arrangement is that you do not need a process step to separate the reaction mixture from the catalyst. Nevertheless, operating such a fixed-bed reactor brings some challenges. Due to the solid state of the catalyst, it is not possible to achieve a homogeneous reaction mixture. Formation of hotspots and cold spots might occur, and coke formation can quickly lead to deactivation of the catalyst.

Get a clear picture of process optimization

The only way to get a clear picture is with a three-dimensional temperature profiling solution. Octoplus is our solution for your challenge. Up to 50 measuring points per process connection can be freely directed in the reactor. As a result, you will quickly be aware of the real process optimization potential, giving you the ability to predict catalyst life times. Reducing the amount of process connections means increased safety as each nozzle is a potential point of leakage.

Safety chamber

The Octoplus itself comes with a safety chamber which ensures that no substance can leave the reactor, even if one of the guiding tubes for the thermocouple is broken.

Easy replacement of faulty inserts

The replacement of individual temperature sensing elements is available as an option for the Octoplus. The guiding tube remains in the reactor and the faulty insert can easily be exchanged for a new one. The translation of the measuring signal into valuable information from any temperature measurement is done by the transmitter. Our temperature transmitters provide diagnostic information about your measurement system directly in your control system.

Temperature profiling - measuring points


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