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Reliable level signal in the steam drum and pre-heaters

Minimize outage and safety risks while improving plant availability and efficiency

If the level is too low in the boiler drum and pre-heaters, overheating of the water wall tubes may cause accidents, causing expensive repairs, downtime and injury to personnel. If the level is too high, boiler water carryover into the super-heater or turbine may lead to extensive maintenance costs, turbine or boiler outages, or decreased efficiency. Controlling the level requires sophisticated techniques as the level measurement must be accurate and transmitted to the control system.

Challenges of traditional dp level

dp transmitters have a long operation history but they do have boundaries. The output of a conventional dp transmitter has inaccuracies mainly caused by changes of static pressure and water density in each leg, and in the steam and water inside the drum. Water at high pressure experiences density changes independent of those caused by temperature variations.

Choose an innovative alternative

  • The guided-wave radar technology ensures higher plant availability as these transmitters provide more level-detection capabilities even under harsh conditions. Completely independent of density changes - no algorithms needed to be programmed in the control system

  • You save time and money, and reach a stable level signal

  • Fit for applications with temperatures up to 450˚C (842 ˚F) /400 bar (5801 psi); if more, traditional dp level is used and density correction calculation are offered

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