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Upgrading your water steam cycle to low maintenance solutions

How do you manage equipment replacement, costly downtime, the time maintenance teams lose trying to grasp new technologies and processes? Many people in the power industry have not yet been properly informed of new developments, which creates a growing problem for the industry. As generations continue to retire, a gap in operational knowledge is created.

Industry service is the future

Power plant operators and owners tend to outsource their maintenance services mainly due to lack of resources. Although outsourcing can be beneficial, it can also bring frustrations. Such as: no replacement of retired personnel, knowledge drain, no dedicated specialists on site anymore and changes to multipurpose industry providers. In order to ease the frustration, we deliver intelligent instrumentation to fit this maintenance strategy trend.

Choose intelligent instrumentation

  • Paperless office: sharing of all documents via the online W@M portal

  • Self-initializing sensors: hot plug and play (Memosens)

  • Maintenance stability: plain guidance text on transmitters to easily address issues

  • Augmented reality: from cabling to commissioning during operation and maintenance

  • Live support and remote control: web server connection to application specialists

  • Predictive maintenance: up front information about consumables or cleaners for analyzers

  • Intelligent sensors: information and settings storing

  • Heartbeat Technology™ advanced process diagnostics

Raise the measurement performance

Our Steam Water Analysis System (SWAS) solution is a perfect example of how we bundle intelligent instrumentation. The panels are easy to install, commission and operate, and , due to their modular design they can be combined to fit your needs. Therefore, you gain flexibility in engineering as we can work with you up-front.

Benefits of the SWAS solution

  • Modular and space optimized

  • Memosens digital intelligent sensor platform

  • Extendable for additional parameters with multiparameter transmitter platform (Liquiline)

  • Tamper-proof logbook for traceable water steam quality (guarantee)

  • Software features like pH- and remaining resin capacity calculations

  • Certifications available for welding, material and pressure test according to EN10204-3.1

  • Pressure up to 320bar (4,641psi), temperatures up to 575°C (1,067°F)

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