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Differential pressure flow
Deltatop DP62D

Average Pitot tube with diamond profile for dp flow measurement (integrated temperature possible)

  • Deltatop DP62D - Average Pitot tube ©Endress+Hauser
  • Measuring principle differential pressure flowmeter

The Deltatop DP62D is part of the differential pressure flow measurement with orifices and Deltabar differential pressure transmitter. It is an average pressure Pitot tube with diamond profile, which has the possibility to have an integrated temperature measurement.


  • Selectable according to the application: operational compact version or modular remote version

  • Optimized for minimum pressure loss and highest accuracy

  • Deltabar differential pressure transmitter ready adjusted

  • Display configured for flow rate, differential pressure or 0 to 100 %

  • Suited for bidirectional measurements

  • Cost-effective solution thanks to its robust design without moving parts

Field of application

Flow measurement of gases, steam and liquids.

  • Nominal diameters from 95 to 2,100mm (3.8 to 82")

  • Medium temperatures: -200 to +1,000°C (-328 to +1,832°F)

  • Pressure up to 420bar (6,300psi)

  • Compliant with PED 97/23/EC

  • NACE-compliant materials

Features and specifications

Documents / Manuals / Software

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Predecessor / Successor

Predecessor: Deltatop DPP10, Deltaset DPP50

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