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Chromate analyzer
Stamolys CA71CR

Colorimetric system for the monitoring of industrial wastewater, process water, and cooling cycles

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The CA71CR online analyzer improves analytic procedures by replacing manual cuvette tests. Its highly accurate measurement enables you to optimize chromate dosing. This guarantees excellent corrosion protection in cooling towers, productive galvanizing and pigmenting processes, and efficient production of stainless steel. CA71CR uses a standardized measuring method ensuring full compliance with discharge regulations.


  • Reliable correlation to diphenyle carbazide method

  • Cost savings by replacing manual cuvette tests

  • Optimized galvanizing, pigmenting processes and stainless steel production thanks to precise chromate dosing

  • Reliable compliance with discharge regulations

  • Two-channel version available for lower installation effort

Field of application

Stamolys CA71CR monitors:

  • Chromate content in industrial wastewater treatment

  • Chromate content in industrial processes

Features and specifications

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Predecessor / Successor

Predecessor: CA70CR

Successor: Liquiline System CA80CR

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