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Liquid analysis as part of surface treatment

Hug Oberflächentechnik AG relies on the Teqwave T

Hug Oberflächentechnik AG uses the Teqwave T as a new, versatile solution for monitoring its passivation and degreasing baths. The Teqwave uses special sound waves to create an acoustic “fingerprint” of the high-quality concentration solutions. This allows it to take very precise measurements of the specific concentration and density that the liquid has during the treatment process.

Picture of Measuring the concentration in the passivation bath using the Teqwave T Copyright by Hug Oberflächentechnik AG

Measuring the concentration in the passivation bath using the Teqwave T

Picture of Teqwave T / D9TB for temporary concentration measurement of liquids ©Endress+Hauser

Teqwave T for temporary concentration measurement of liquids at various measuring points in plant & laboratory

The result

  • To ensure absolute process quality, the Teqwave measures in real time and the treatment baths can be readjusted at any time based on this measurement.

  • Now, all employees at Hug Oberflächentechnik AG can use the Teqwave easily and efficiently. The result: the guarantee of consistent measurements – no matter which employee is using the device.

  • The automatic documentation practically eliminates the risk of errors that go along with manual record-keeping of the measured concentration values.

Picture of the team at Hug Oberflächentechnik AG

The Teqwave T from Endress+Hauser fulfilled each and every one of our expectations with respect to functionality, performance and technical design.

Marcel Hug, Managing Director
Hug Oberflächentechnik AG

The challenge

The old method involved indexing the concentration in the baths each day using an aerometer, also known as a plummet or spindle. This process included documenting the concentration values, which are crucial in achieving the desired process stability. The previous measuring and documentation methods were very time-consuming and could only be done by one specialist. Both the manual reading and documentation steps were prone to errors.

Our solution

Hug Oberflächentechnik AG was convinced by the Teqwave T and its smart solution for mobile concentration measurement. It only takes one device to monitor concentration values at numerous measuring points. As a result, product quality can be maximized at minimum costs. The mobile transmitter of the Teqwave T can operate for up to 8 hours without external power supply. Thanks to its customizable app design and preconfigured measuring points, it can be adapted to meet the production requirements.