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Real time monitoring of water quality in aquaculture systems

Complete visibility of process changes with a turnkey cloud-based solution

Endress+Hauser developed an online, automated and cloud-based monitoring system for a prawn farm pond at Bribie Island, Australia. The aquaculture monitoring system provides more granular water quality data that helps managers make well-informed decisions.

water quality monitoring system for a prawn farm pond ©Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser DO, pH and salinity Memosens® probes immersed within pond for online water quality monitoring.


  • Operator time savings by automated collection of sensor data.

  • Increased data availability for forecasting and pattern recognition.

  • Improved ease of data interpretation through the comprehensive data visualisation tools available via NWNI.

The customer challenge

Monitoring of water quality parameters such as dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, temperature and salinity are critical to ensure that the overall health of a prawn farm pond is maintained. Extreme changes to these parameters can have adverse effects during the grow-out period. At the very least, they can limit prawn growth and reduce the final yield of prawns harvested. In the worst case, they can cause total prawn mortality and significant costs.

Our solution

Endress+Hauser supplied a complete turnkey solution for real-time monitoring of water quality parameters DO, pH, temperature and salinity. This included all analytical instrumentation, mounting assemblies, enclosure, and the customised Netilion Water Network Insights (NWNI) cloud-based data visualisation system. Memosens® digital probes provided non-contact digital data transmission to eliminate the influence of moisture and corrosion in the high salinity environment.