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Proline Prosonic Flow 93T
Ultrasonic flowmeter

Picture of ultrasonic flowmeter Proline Prosonic Flow 93T for monitoring and test measurements ©Endress+Hauser

Portable volume flowmeter Proline Prosonic Flow 93T for measurement of liquids

The Ultrasonic Flow Measuring Principle

The economical flowmeter for easy data transfer via USB stick without additional software

The portable ultrasonic flowmeter Prosonic Flow 93T is designed for temporary monitoring and test measurements with clamp on sensors. It is operated independently of the mains power using a battery. The Prosonic Flow 93T is ideal for conducting verification measurements at existing flow metering points.

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  • Benefits

    • Automatic frequency scan for maximum measuring performance

    • Quick and secure installation – specially designed mounting kits

    • No additional leakage paths – external measurement from outside the pipe

    • Process transparency – diagnostic capability

    • Temporary...

  • Field of application

    The sensors are perfectly suited for the non-contact measurement of pure or slightly contaminated liquids, regardless of the pressure or electrical conductivity.

    • Ideal solution for temporary use everywhere precise measurement or verification is required

    • Can be used with all metal and plastic pipes lined or unlined and with composite pipes

    • ...

Features and specifications



  • Measuring principle

    Ultrasonic flow

  • Product headline

    Portable volume flowmeter for measurement of liquid applications; from outside of the pipe with "Clamp On" sensors

  • Sensor features

    Integrated USB data logging

  • Nominal diameter range

    DN 15...65
    - 1/2"...2 1/2" (-40...+100°C or -40...+150 °C)

    DN 50...300
    - 2"...12" -40...+80 °C or 0...+170 °C)

    DN 100...4000
    - 4"...160" (-40...+80 °C)

  • Max. measurement error

    +/-2.0 %

  • Measuring range

    0....452'389 m3/h

  • Max. process pressure

    No limit

  • Medium temperature range

    DN 15...65
    DN 50...300
    DN 100...4000

  • Degree of protection

    IP 40

  • Display/Operation

    Four line backlit
    touch control

  • Outputs

    Integrated data logger/site manager
    Easy data transfer via USB stick without additional software

  • Inputs


  • Digital communication

    FXA 193

Documents / Manuals / Software

Accessories / Spare parts

Order code
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    • Order code 50091703

      Sensor pair-40...80oC Prosonic F DDU18

      Sound velocity measuring sensors for Prosonic Flow 93; sensor pair for measurement of sound velocity in the fluid.

    • Order code 50091704

      Sensor pair0...170oC Prosonic F DDU 18

      Sound velocity measuring sensors for Prosonic Flow 93; sensor pair for measurement of sound velocity in the fluid.

    • Order code 71112217

      Sensor 0...60oC Prosonic Flow DDU 20

      Wall thickness measuring sensor for Prosonic Flow 93T; sensor for measuring pipe wall thickness.

    • Order code

      Overview auxiliary equipment see spare part picture

    • Order code 93TA1-

      Prosonic Flow 93T portable

      Battery operated Ultrasonic Flowmeter set incl. datalog function with time stamp, 1 GB USB Stick carry case, charger, battery pack acoustic couple medium 8 hours continious operation.

    • Order code DK9PT-

      Prosonic Flow 93T, flow sensor set

      For use with Prosonic Flow 93T portable transmitter

    • Order code DK9SS-

      Prosonic Flow 91/93/93T,sensor cable set

    • Order code DK9SH-

      Prosonic Flow W/P, sensor holder set

    • Order code DK9ZT-

      Prosonic Flow 93T portable, accessorie

    • Order code FXA193-

      Serviceinterface FXA193

      The service interface connects the service port of Proline and ToF devices with the serial interface RS 232C (9 pin.) of a personal computer. Contents of delivery: - Serviceinterface with RS 232C connection cable (9 pin.) - FXA "USB" cable, the additional power supply for FXA193 from USB-port of the PC.