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Product picture electrical energy counter RV12

EngyVolt RV12

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Measuring / Application task

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  • Measuring principle

    Electric Meter

  • Function

    Measuring, visualization and transmission of electrical measuring values within low voltage installations (max. 500 V L-L, 289 V L/N).
    Use in 1phase as well as 3phase grids.
    Typical applications: industry, e. g. Food&Beverage, Chemistry, Pharma etc.

  • Calculations

    Measuring voltage, frequency, current, power, as well as imported and exported active and reactive power.

  • Number of applications

    Not defined

  • Data storage

    Not defined

  • Calculation standards

    Not defined

  • Communication

    Modbus RTU

  • Power supply

    Not defined

  • Loop power supply

    100 - 400 V AC

  • Protection class


  • Input

    AC 110 - 400 V +/- 10% (110 - 300 V for installations acc. to UL)
    DC 120 - 350 V +/-20% (120 - 300 V for installations acc. to UL)

  • Output

    MODBUS RTU (RS485)
    Pulse output

  • Dimensions (WxHxD)

    71.3 x 90.5 x 58 mm (2.81" x 3.56" x 2.28")

  • Operation

    4 button on site at the front side of the multifuntional measuring device

  • Display

    triple-spaced background illuminated LCD-display

  • Software functions

    Measured process variables:
    Current (A), voltage (V), calculated neutral current (A), frequency (Hz) in low-voltage systems
    Calculated process variables:
    Power factor (PF = cos phi), real power (W), reactive power (VAR) Apparent power (VA), imported and exported active (kWh) - and reactive energy (kvarh) and total harmonic distortion (THD)

  • Certificates

    IEC 60529
    IEC 61010-1: 2001 Cor 2003