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Did you know? Microorganisms

In the last 20 years, microorganisms have caused 75% of waterborne illnesses from drinking water.

Humans are continually exposed to a great number of microorganisms in the environment, only a small portion of these microbes are pathogens. The three primary groups of pathogens are viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. Pathogenic viruses transmitted by water usually are of human origin. Pathogenic viruses and protozoa are more resistant to drinking water treatment and common disinfectants than bacteria; viruses are also small enough to pass through the filters used in drinking water treatment.

Turbidity measurement

Therefore, it is crucial to measure pathogens in water treatment. Turbidity measurement is generally used as an instant indicator of pathogens. The reason for this is that for example a test of cryptosporidium can take between 24-48 hours but turbidity is instantaneous. If it is over a certain turbidity in the water, it is assumed there could be pathogens in it. Generally, the pathogen limit is between 0.1-0.5 NTU in drinking water.

Turbimax CUS52D

Hygienic Memosens sensor for turbidity measurement in drinking water, process water and utilities Turbimax CUS52D is a smart sensor with lab accuracy that allows unattended operation in all measuring points of water production. Thanks to its hygienic, self-cleaning design, it can be mounted directly into the pipeline. This way it will save on extensive bypass installations and avoid product loss. With Memosens digital technology, It enables lab calibration and simplifies predictive maintenance.


  • Measuring results like in the lab: Highly accurate and reliable monitoring of water quality – even at the lowest turbidity

  • Turbidity measurement without product loss: Hygienic inline measurement preserves each drop of water in the process.

  • Unattended operation: Intelligent design and practical accessories enable sophisticated self-cleaning capabilities and minimise maintenance.

  • Smart verification and calibration: Absolutely safe, liquid-free, without Formazin.

  • Turbimax CUS52D ©Endress+Hauser


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