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Did you know - Natural Gas

Question: If two analysers show different readings in the same pipeline, who wins the dispute?

Answer: The analyser that demonstrates the best measurement accuracy and is traceable to primary references will have the greatest credibility!

SpectraSensors H2S Analyzers

SpectraSensors H2S analysers are calibrated using “Dual NIST-traceable” reference materials. In a recent article published by Pipeline and Gas Journal, real customers explain why this is crucial for their operation. They choose TDL analysers for not only accurate measurements, but also for rapid analysis and lowest maintenance available.

SpectraSensors Advantage

Since its inception, the company was first to introduce TDL measurements in natural gas and has proven over 50 applications in the most demanding environments. The company has delivered over 6,000 analyzers to oil and gas companies worldwide maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. The fast adoption of SpectraSensors analyzers speaks for itself about the company’s preferred vendor position when it comes to reliable natural gas quality measurements.