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Returns for repair, calibration, upgrade or warranty claim

Return equipment with our professional and safe process to minimize turnaround times

Whether for repair, calibration, troubleshooting or modification, equipment returns at Endress+Hauser follows specific guidance to ensure your request is managed efficiently, and returned items are handled according to local regulations.
Did you know we might be able to assist you remotely? Contact our Endress+Hauser support team at or call 1300 363 707 to discuss your options.


  • Identify the nature and cause of a certain malfunction or breakdown of the asset

  • Receive specific information about the root cause of the breakdown in order to generate the required corrective actions and avoid repetition of the malfunction

  • Receive advice on whether to restore the asset or to invest in new technology

  • Repair and calibrate the device to bring in line with the original specifications

  • Process your warranty claim as per Endress+Hauser Australia General Terms and Conditions of sale

Returns process

  1. Request a product return by calling 1300 363 707 or emailing

  2. Upon receipt, a case number will be generated and a Declaration of Decontamination (DoD) will be emailed to you

  3. Send completed DoD and device to the specified service workshop address listed in the DoD

  4. Within 7 business days from the receipt of the device, an investigation report will be prepared with a quote to advise you whether the device should be fixed or replaced if it is deemed beyond economic repair


    Endress+Hauser Australia - Warranty Information.pdf

    Endress+Hauser Australia General Terms and Conditions.pdf