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FLEX Selections - Flexible answers to individual needs

FLEX Selections - Flexible answers to individual needs

Simplify your product selection with our FLEX portfolio structure

Selecting the right products for your application can be a challenge for several reasons: 1) the instrument has to fit the process 2) sensors with unnecessary functions should be avoided 3) time is usually of the essence. In line with our brand motto, our goal is to provide you the best possible support. With these things in mind, we are introducing our new FLEX structure, which separates our extensive portfolio into four distinct segments based on your needs.

FLEX - Flexible answers to individual needs ©Endress+Hauser

FLEX: Fundamental - Lean - Extended - Xpert

The basic idea of the FLEX structure is that depending on the application, there are different goals to achieve and different challenges to overcome. Some processes you must just monitor, others you want to optimize. Here is a overview of our selections:

  • Fundamental: Meet your basic measurement needs

  • Lean: Handle your core processes easily

  • Extended: Optimize your processes with innovative technologies

  • Xpert: Master your most challenging applications

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How to make the best use of FLEX Selections

The FLEX structure is organized within the product section on our website in various ways. First, products can be filtered according to the four selections. Filters can also be combined, so you can easily compare Fundamental and Extended products as an example. Every product now has a FLEX indicator that shows to which selection it belongs, all according to the product's key features.


  • Easy to understand

  • Logical structure based on user needs

  • Filter function on the website