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Women standing in a dairy processing plant

Sensors for the dairy industry

Highest quality in dairy processing with precise measurement technology

Dairy production is a business with tight margins and high quality requirements. Milk processing can be optimized to control costs while maintaining product quality at a consistently high level. Thermal milk processing, in particular, is of paramount importance to consumer safety and plant efficiency. Accurate, innovative measurement technology sensors ensure thermal processing in the correct temperature range and compliance with strict rules.

Our Offering

Endress+Hauser understands the high demands and challenges in dairy processing. We offer a complete portfolio of hygienic flow, level, temperature, pressure and analytical sensors designed, manufactured and optimized for the food and beverage industry. Our common goal: ensure product safety and customer health.

  • Precise, robust and reliable measurement technology optimized for industry requirements.

  • Easy to clean and absolutely tight sensors. Ingress protection class up to IP69K availalable to withstands high pressure and steam cleaning.

  • Hygienic sensors meet 3-A sanitary standards and are certified according to test procedure of EHEDG.

  • Food contact material compliant to FDA "GRAS", EC 1935/2004 and China GB4806.

  • Seamless integration into any control system.


Fast temperature sensors improve heating control

The critical control point for successful pasteurization control is temperature. Accuracy and response time ensure that no energy is wasted and the product is not exposed to more thermal stress than necessary.

Temperature sensors in a heat exchanger
Our expertise in the field

Endress+Hauser has invented the fastest temperature sensor for hygienic processes. This innovative technology helps you to improve quality and reduce cost. Furthermore, the combination of precise, fast and stable temperature measurement delivers the highest degree of process quality and reliable product quality.

  • Install our innovative temperature sensor iTHERM TM411 to improve your temperature monitoring in UHT processing.

  • Benefit from the shortest response times (t90 = 0.75 s) in the market thanks to iTHERM QuickSens technology.

  • Take advantage from significant time savings during recalibration (up to 20 minutes per measuring point) with iTHERM QuickNeck.

  • Reduce risk and improve process safety in critical applications with the help of our self-calibrating temperature sensor iTHERM TrustSens.

Flow measurement in milk pasteurization

Accurate flowmeters ensure the right amount of heat is applied to achieve safe results.

Promag H in a dairy plant
Our expertise in the field

Electromagnetic flowmeters carry the main burden of flow measurement in dairy operations and play a critical role in milk heating.

  • Benefit from integrated temperature and conductivity measurement of Proline Promag H.

  • Heartbeat Technology combines diagnostic, verification and monitoring functions for process optimizations.

Reliable level sensors

One of the more challenging applications in thermal processing systems is the level control of the balance tank. The small tank sees rapid level and temperature changes.

Milk storage tanks in dairy production
Our expertise in the field

Hydrostatic level sensor are ideal for this application. Temperature compensated and with ranges down to 100mm H2O, they set the standard for reliability.

  • Use Deltapilot FMB50 with remote electronics. It also help you to reduce risk in the often harsh environment and cleaning cycles.

  • Alternatively, the compact point level switch Liquiphant FTL33 for hygienic applications can be used.

Differential pressure measurement across heat exchanger

To ensure food safety, the differential pressure across the regeneration stage must be maintained. Stability and trust in measurement is key.

Heat exchange in dairy production
Our expertise in the field

For this critical application, an electronic differential pressure measurement is recommended.

  • Optimize your measurement using our innovative electronic dp Deltabar FMD72.

Buildup monitoring to optimize product quality

The microbiological stability of dairy products is crucial for their shelf life and quality, which is often regulated by law. However, heating milk also leads to contamination on the inner walls. This contamination affects the efficiency of the heating cycle and is a potential cause of product contamination. Therefore, controlling the fouling behavior throughout the heating process and the presence of product in the holding tube is key to process control and optimization of product quality.

Liquitrend QMW43 buildup sensor
Our expertise in the field

Our compact multiparameter instrument Liquitrend QMW43 is able to measure the buildup thickness and conductivity of media simultaneously. Installed in the holding tube of the pasteurization process, it can continuously monitor the formation and degree of buildup. This helps to decide if a cleaning process is necessary or if the production time can still be extended without affecting the product quality.

Keep your measurement up-to-date

Regular maintenance and calibration ensures that the measuring instruments controlling critical processes remain in spec, which is essential to safeguard food safety and quality.

Calibration experts at work in a dairy
Our expertise in the field

From on-site to fully accredited laboratory calibration, Endress+Hauser provides timely, traceable, and cost-effective maintenance services to ensure both high plant availability and compliance of your instruments. Our calibration experts will support you in optimizing all activities across your installed base.

  • Keep the quality of your instruments up-to-date with minimal process interruption thanks to our maintenance services.

What you can do

Click through these maps and learn in detail how you can optimize your dairy production!

Milk processing from milk intake to packaging ©Endress+Hauser

From milk intake to packaging – the path of milk processing in detail.

Cost-effective pressure transducer with fully welded design for the food & beverage industry

Cerabar PMP23
  • Easy and time-saving installation and set up within the plant due to very compact construction and customizable measuring ranges

  • IO-Link reduces costs and complexity due to easy configuration via simple configuration tools or through the engineering system

  • Fully welded process connections maximize process safety by minimizing the use of gaskets

  • Enhanced process availability is ensured by the stringent use of 316L material and the possibility of IP 69 ingress protection for washdown conditions, as well as the high reproducibility and long-term stability of the product

  • A high flexibility of use and therefore lower storage costs are guaranteed as the PMP23 is suitable for CIP / SIP cleaning

  • The PMP23 can support the need for hygienic documentation and traceability in the plant as certification such as EHEDG, 3-A or (EC)1935/2004 are available among other relevant certificates and manufacturing declarations

Point level switch for liquids in compact hygienic design for the food industry

Liquiphant FTL33 - Vibronic point level detection
  • Designed for hygienic applications especially in the food industry - hygienic process connections and approvals available. IO-Link reduces costs and complexity due to easy configuration of the devices via engineering tools

  • CIP and SIP cleanability ensured - up to protection class IP69k

  • Designed according to highest requirements to quality and environmental sustainability, the self-monitoring Liquiphant offers safe switching also in case of power supply loss

  • Independent of changing media properties an accurate switching point is offered

  • A real plug & play sensor is offered without any need for adjustment even with changing media. Measurement is unaffected by conductivity, build-up, turbulence, flows or air bubbles

  • No calibration is required, no specific know-how or tools (e.g. software) necessary

  • Robust design made of stainless steel (316L) assures highest durability - no mechanically moved parts, free of maintenance

The specialist for hygienic applications with an ultra-compact transmitter

Picture of flowmeter Proline Promag H 100 / 5H1B (DN ≥ 40 / 1 1/2") for hygienic applications
  • Multivariable measurement for flow, temperature and conductivity

  • Flexible installation concept – numerous hygienic process connections

  • Energy-saving flow measurement – no pressure loss due to cross-section constriction

  • Space-saving transmitter – full functionality on the smallest footprint

  • Time-saving local operation without additional software and hardware – integrated web server

  • Integrated verification – Heartbeat Technology

  • Maintenance-free – no moving parts

Saves, visualizes, analyzes and communicates

Advanced Data Manager Memograph M, RSG45
  • High degree of data security: tamper-proof data storage and personalized access authorization with electronic signature (FDA 21 CFR 11)

  • HART input card: HART sensors directly connected provide accurate process values for calculation and logging

  • HART gateway: time-saving direct access to HART sensors in the field with FieldCare using Memograph M without interrupting the measuring loop

  • Stainless steel front with touch operation: trouble-free operation in demanding environments such as hygienic or hazardous areas.

    DIN rail version: compact device with small dimensions for cabinet mounting or remote field applications.

  • System capability: supports common fieldbuses (Modbus, Profibus DP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP) for fast integration into diverse systems

  • Integrated Web server: remote access to device operation and visualization for lower maintenance costs

  • WebDAV: files saved on SD card transmitted directly to a PC via HTTP without any additional software.

Self-calibrating hygienic temperature transmitter lowers risk and drives automation in regulated processes

Compact sanitary RTD - iTHERM TrustSens TM371
  • Reduce risks and costs by implementing fully automated, traceable inline RTD sensor self-calibration; Eliminate non-conformities or undetected failures

  • True RTD sensor self-calibration making use of the Curie effect; Built-in, long-term stable fix point reference with complete traceability of calibration chain to ITS-90

  • Full instrument diagnostics, monitoring and verification with Heartbeat Technology

  • Automated process documentation, built-in memory for 350 calibration events; 24/7 access to printable, audit proof calibration certificates, on-site or through cloud-based system integration

  • Built-in 4 to 20 mA loop check function saves time and increases process safety

  • Highest temperature measurement precision: individual transmitter-sensor matching from factory for improved RTD accuracy

Compact device for continuous buildup thickness and conductivity measurement

Liquitrend QMW43 - Compact device for continuous buildup thickness and conductivity measurement
  • Reliable, repeatable and accurate measurement of buildup thickness and conductivity regardless of media type

  • Conductive as well as capacitive measuring cycles, the device automatically detects the most accurate measuring mode and uses it automatically

  • Verification of cleaning status without the need to open the tank

  • Compact and flush-mounted stainless-steel sensor offers the perfect insight into the conditions in pipelines or tanks at all critical locations

  • Plug and Play - simple commissioning without presettings

  • Hygienic safety by Design and material traceability are a matter of course

  • Integrated digital communication option via IO-Link

Get familiar with the most important measuring points and our sensors in the milk heating process.

Meet a customer

“Promass Q is able to measure mass flow, volume flow, density and temperature. A tremendous advantage for us, because we can get reliable information for raw material resource planning and balancing.”

Thomas Jürgensen

Technical Manager, Meierei Barmstedt eG, Germany


Apart from our industry expertise and broad product portfolio, we want to support our customers with valuable process knowledge. We will help ensure that all local and international requirements are met. The promise to be a reliable partner is our goal. We strongly believe in long-lasting relationships with our customers, not just the short range profit.

  • 0.75 seconds

    response time (t90)

    iTHERM QuickSens offers the fastest response times in the market for optimum process control.

  • 3 million

    Proline Promag

    electromagnetic flowmeters sold since launch in 1977 in a wide range of applications.

  • >8,900

    patents and patent applications

    protect the intellectual property behind Endress+Hauser’s products, solutions and services.

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  • Easy to select, install and operate

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