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Digitalization helps food and beverage providers secure their position

Unlock knowledge with IIoT in food production

Ensure quality with data transparency

The food and beverage industry has so many challenges: scarce resources, increasing nutritional demands and always price pressure. Staying ahead of market changes requires innovation, and IIoT is the key. Digitalization allows you to turn data into knowledge to increase the quality and efficiency of your facilities.


  • Cut down on field time with remote access to sensor data and equipment status – on your smartphone, desktop, tablet or even in your own systems

  • Improve efficiency using digital data transfers to replace manual effort and work proactively

  • Ensure quality with continuous monitoring to maintain consistency

  • Gain valuable insights through equipment analysis, device status, asset files and more

  • Reduce human error and make audits easy with digital reports for documentation

Netilion is a secure, cloud-based IIoT ecosystem, designed for process automation. It connects the physical and digital worlds so you can track and use data from the field in remote monitoring of measuring values and viewing instrument diagnostics, among other services. And you can integrate Netilion into your own systems to read your data in the interface you use daily.

Netilion Value

Netilion Value is a remote monitoring service that gives you digital access to data in a second channel. You gain flexibility because you can get alerts on your smartphone, create dashboards or analyze historical data. Staying informed will keep you in compliance with hygiene and HACCP regulations and maintain the quality of your consumables.

Netilion Health

Using fresh material in food and beverage production take extra time and makes unplanned shutdowns painful, so stop problems before they begin. Netilion Health is a digital service that delivers diagnostic data of your assets and empowers you to become proactive in your maintenance instead of reactive.

Netilion Connect

Want to try Netilion but prefer to use your own systems? Sure! The API in our Netilion Connect service can connect you with your field information within your individual infrastructure.

Check your assets on your smartphone with IIoT ©Endress+Hauser

The Industrial Internet of Things makes it possible to access asset data on a second channel

Benefit from a wireless data transfer into the IIoT ecosystem Netilion ©Endress+Hauser

The fill level sensor Micropilot FWR30 has wireless connection to the Netilion IIoT ecosystem