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HART WirelessHART training

HART/ WirelessHART Training

HART and WirelessHART - the most used technologies in the process industry 

HART, a common and proven technology in the process industry is offering additional capabilities than the traditional 4…20mA technology.
To gain the benefits of digital communication, provided by HART, an understanding of the technology is necessary.
Follow one of our training classes to get out more of your installation and understand the implementation of the latest features to improve your installations.


  • Be prepared for and confident about your tasks

  • Gain practical experience and exchange your experiences

  • Be up to date with the latest developments

  • Enhance your career with the step-by-step training schedule

  • Improve the quality of your work and exceed your customers' expectations!

Technology Training HART

1-day class

You will learn with the help of actual hands-on tasks, how the HART technology works in detail. Different network topologies and implementation possibilities are discussed. The benefits of the HART technology are shown, and the latest HART commands and functions are discussed. 

Course content

  • History of HART communication

  • Ways to establish communication via HART

  • HART topologies and integration in typical network topologies

  • HART device addressing and range

  • HART commands and data structure

Technology Training WirelessHART

2-days class

You will learn with the help of actual hands-on tasks, how a WirelessHART network is set up. Every aspect to run successfully a WirelessHART network will be part of the training. Furthermore, the training covers the commissioning and validation of the network quality and the final integration in a control system.

Course content

  • Components and application examples

  • Setup and configuration of a WirelessHART network

  • WirelessHART network analyses and interpreting of the signal paths


Technology Training HART, Endress+Hauser certified
Technology Training WirelessHART, Endress+Hauser certified

For more details select one of our classes below or get in contact with us. 

The training content is also available as a video based self-learning program. Please get in contact with us for further information. 

Additionally we offer virtual sessions to exchange and practice live with a trainer.