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Improved measurement of water content in natural gas

New TDLAS analyzer designs provide connectivity options, high accuracy and reliability

Natural gas comes from a variety of sources, fossil and renewable. ionutanisca / adobe stock

Contaminates in natural gas can cause a variety of challenges for pipeline operators and petrochemical plants, especially when combined with water. This makes accurate and reliable measurement of water content in natural gas streams critical, but traditional techniques often fall short. Fortunately, new analyzers offer much improved performance.

Water exacerbates issues

Consumers who have some idea of what natural gas is likely imagine it as a stream of pure methane. Those who are closer to the energy industry know that methane is the major component, but there can easily be dozens of other substances making up a sizeable portion of the total volume. Natural gas producers, pipeline operators, and major industrial users — such as various types of petrochemical plants — have reason to be concerned about what’s in the mix.