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A steam power plant with cooling water

Water chemistry in power plants – a critical health measure

Water is the lifeblood of a steam power plant, and its quality depends on accurate monitoring

Wherever the water in your plant comes from, it needs to be treated to be of the right quality for every use. Checking that the power plant water chemistry and flow are correct, means using the best tools. And you need to be able to prove it, by having the right readings and data trail to comply with regulations, alongside manufacturer warranties for built-in parts. Above all, accurate and reliable data means being able to safely recycle water to run your plant as efficiently as possible.

How we can help

Digital readings, data storage, reporting – digital tools take the hassle out of proving compliance and instrument warranties. Our sensors and measuring tools cover the whole range of plant needs, and generate data that makes life easy for you and your laboratory partners. They can automatically check and clean themselves, need minimal maintenance and alert you when they need replacing. From the smallest sensor to the SWAS panel, we bring you a complete digital water monitoring solution.

  • Reliable flow measurement and water analysis instrumentation for optimized water chemistry

  • Increased plant availability thanks to predictive maintenance

  • Non-contact digital data transmission avoids measurement errors due to moisture, corrosion and salt bridges


Reliable flow measurement of de-mineralized water

Pure, deionized, de-mineralized water in the water / steam circuit needs to be accurately and reliably measured. The flowmeters most commonly used in this application are dp flow solutions with primary elements such as orifice plates. But such pressure-based measuring systems drift over time and need recalibration. There are volumetric alternatives that can offer better performance, provide more outputs, and reduced inlet runs: using vortex, ultrasonic and thermal mass technology.

A Prowirl F200 flowmeter
Our expertise in the field

Proline Prowirl is a vortex volumetric flowmeter which measures volume directly in a linear way, whatever the flow, measuring up to 0.65% accuracy. Proline Prosonic uses ultrasonic technology, with sensors outside the pipe, so it doesn’t obstruct the flow. It gives exceptional accuracy, of up to 0.3%, and takes up minimal installation space, needing only short inlet and outlet lengths. Proline t-mass T is the cost-efficient option. It offers a high turndown, low pressure-drop and accuracy to 5%.

  • All flowmeters offer Heartbeat Technology for diagnostics, verification and monitoring

  • Seamless integration with the most common protocols in the market

  • Lifetime calibration

Reliable silica analysis – condensate polishing plant outlet

Steam entering the turbines of a power plant needs to be as silica-free as possible. Silica is highly soluble in water and once inside the turbine it forms deposits on surfaces, hindering heat transfer and reducing overall efficiency. In order to produce water with as low in silica content as possible, thus preventing unscheduled downtime, you need to be able to accurately detect and measure it.

An Endress+Hauser Liquiline silica analyzer
Our expertise in the field

The Liquiline System CA80SI silica analyzer is a colorimetric system for the monitoring of boiler feedwater, steam, condensate and ion exchangers. With up to six channels, you can take samples from all necessary process points. Up to 4 Memosens digital sensors can be connected so that the analyzer can be upgraded to a complete measuring station. It can be integrated into all common process control systems.

  • Advanced diagnostics and remote access enable fast remedy of errors

  • Low consumption of chemicals

  • Designed for minimal maintenance and downtime

Optimized conductivity analysis in desalination plants

Water of varying quality is used in energy production and sourced locally. Conductivity is an important measure of the salinity and quality of the water. By knowing the conductivity early on, you can decide how and where to use the water, and how much of it to desalinate. Whether you are using a thermal evaporation process or reverse osmosis (RO) membrane process, or sourcing sea water or brackish water, accurate conductivity measurement is key to reducing energy use and operating costs.

An Endress+Hauser employee with a conductivity analyzer in the background
Our expertise in the field

Condumax CLS15D, Indumax CLS50D and Memosens CLS82D are digital sensors for conductivity measurement which perform reliably and accurately, even in hazardous areas. Designed for low maintenance and a long operating life, the sensors resist corrosion and moisture. They use Memosens digital sensor technology, which means the sensors not only store measurement data, they record information about their own condition, making predictive maintenance easy. Memosens also enables lab calibration.

  • Excellent repeatability to give accurate mapping of processes

  • Measuring range can be set precisely to the needs of the plant

  • Save costs by scheduling maintenance using Heartbeat Technology

Reliable pH measurement in cooling towers

To protect your cooling towers, you need to keep the pH value of the cooling water under control, otherwise you risk rust and corrosion. Maintaining the pH value at the corrosion minimum of the plant using either an acid or caustic control scheme solves the problem. However, the cooling tower water is nebulized and penetrates every junction point with conventional wiring, even the critical sensor connections, and causes gradual changes in measured values.

A cooling tower
Our expertise in the field

With the Memosens sensor, all this is no longer an issue as it has no metallic parts and is completely watertight. It is 100% reliable and achieves digital data transmission via inductive, corrosion-free bayonet connection. The sensor is installed easily, starting with an immersion assembly in the cooling tower sump up to flow-through assembly in glass-fiber reinforced plastic pipes.

  • Avoid the effects of moisture, corrosion and salt bridges thanks to non-contact digital data transmission

  • 100% reliable: digital data transmission via inductive, corrosion-free bayonet connection, guaranteed EMC safety

  • Plan maintenance with pre-calibrated ‘plug & play’ sensors that can be replaced by non-specialist staff

Accurate, maintenance-free measurement of water supply

When extra water is needed in the power plant cooling system, or for feedwater in the steam circuit, you need a reliable flowmeter that can handle all kinds of water sources – from rivers, wells, the sea or elsewhere in the power plant. The flowmeter has to be self-cleaning, so it can continue to take accurate measurements, and be able to handle big volumes of water containing a range of impurities.

Magmeters pump station for water treatment
Our expertise in the field

The compact Proline Promag electromagnetic flowmeter is especially designed for raw water use and is available in sizes from 0.08 in. to 90 in. (2 mm to 2400 mm). Simple to use, easy to set up and operate, with pulse, analog and relay outputs, it is a fit-and-forget appliance that works reliably in main flow pipes.

  • Remote commissioning coupled with easy verification using Heartbeat Technology – no need to take the device out of the line

  • Self-cleaning Electrode Cleaning Circuit keeps electrodes free from deposits

  • Measurement without inlet and outlet runs or pressure drop in the line

  • Ultrasonic clamp-on versions available: installation without process interruption

Re-using process water to cut consumption and costs

Water can be scarce or needs to be transported to site, and the disposal of wastewater is another costly headache. The best way to improve the cost and environmental credentials of your plant is to treat wastewater and reuse it for cooling, process and boiler feed water. It is important to ensure that only high-quality treated water is returned to your energy production processes, so you need to have cast-iron confidence in the accuracy of your monitoring and measuring devices.

Water treatment facility
Our expertise in the field

You can have complete confidence in the Liquiline range of transmitters, analyzers and samplers because these devices offer possibilities for fully automatic operation, are able to monitor themselves (using Heartbeat Technology) and are easy maintenance. Equipped with Memosens digital technology, the product portfolio is suitable for monitoring and analyzing all water treatment stages, so you can reduce your environmental impact and CO2 footprint, and contribute to your low-carbon green growth.

  • The Memosens/Liquiline platform can store all quality parameter values with Memobase, offering digital traceability to prove environmental compliance

  • All sensors use the same Memosens/Liquiline platform, cutting total investment cost

  • The Memosens/Liquiline platform uses the same user interface (HMI) and identical spare parts, so it’s easy to use and similar to operate

The water cycle in power plants

Process map showing the water supply and industrial process water treatment for power generation ©Endress+Hauser

Water from different water sources must be treated differently to achieve the right quality.

Process map showing the industrial wastewater treatment for power generation ©Endress+Hauser

Depending on the water contamination, industrial wastewater treatment requires various steps.


Thanks to our extensive experience in the power & energy and water industries, amongst others, we are experts in water treatment for power generation. From process water to wastewater, Endress+Hauser offers a vast portfolio of instruments and tailored solutions to monitor the water chemistry in your power plant. Cutting-edge sensor technologies like Memosens enable you to surveil your processes even more reliably, while saving you costs and time.

  • > 65

    years of experience in the industrial process engineering industry

  • > 8,000

    patents and patent applications

  • 40%

    longer service life of Memosens digital sensors

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