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Easytemp TMR31
Compact thermometer

Easytemp TMR31
Compact thermometer ©Endress+Hauser
Easytemp TMR31
Compact thermometer ©Endress+Hauser
Easytemp TMR31
Compact thermometer ©Endress+Hauser
Easytemp TMR31
Compact thermometer ©Endress+Hauser

Compact, fast and precise for the measurement of process temperatures in common industries

With cost efficiency, optimal use of space, reliable operation, easy installation and commissioning the TMR31 fulfills the requirements of modern process measurement technology. Vibration-proof integrated thin-film sensors guarantee highest operational safety at the fastest response times.

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  • Benefits

    • Small, compact design made entirely of stainless steel

    • Extremely short response times

    • Highly accurate even with short insertion lengths

    • 4-wire, Pt100 or PC-programmable transmitter with 4 to 20 mA output

    • Configuration and visualization with ReadWin® 2000 PC...

  • Field of application

    The Easytemp TMR31 compact thermometers are used to measure temperatures from -50 °C to +150 °C (-58 °F to +302 °F), or up to +200 °C (+392 °F) with neck. The most common installation locations are tanks and pipes. TMR31 with process connections for...

Features and specifications



  • Measuring principle

    Resistance Temperature Detector

  • Characteristic / Application

    metric style

    compact temperature probe

    fast response time

    threaded process connection

    with or without neck

  • Thermowell / protection tube

    without (not intended to use with thermowell)

  • Insert / probe

    pipe version, isolated wires, not flexible

  • Outer diameter protection tube / Insert

    4,00 mm (0,16")

    6,00 mm (0,24'')

  • Max. immersion length on request

    up to 600,00 mm (23,62'')

  • Material protection tube/ thermowell

    1.4404 (316L)

  • Process connection

    male thread:







    BSPT R1/2"

  • Tip shape


  • Surface roughness Ra

    0,8 μm (32 μin.)

  • Operating temperature range

    PT 100:

    -50 °C ...200 °C

    (-58 °F ...392 °F)

  • Max. process pressure (static)

    at 20 °C: 100 bar (1.450 psi)

  • Accuracy

    class A acc. to IEC 60751

  • Response time

    t50 = 1 s

    t90 = 2 s

  • Integration head transmitter

    no (4…20mA Signal)

  • Certification

    Marine approval

    UL 3111-1


Documents / Manuals / Software

Accessories / Spare parts

Order code
    • Order code

      The unit is not repairable

    • Order code 60001328

      Gasket DIN7603 A CU 21x26x1.5

    • Order code 51008433

      TAG print/configuration 2 x 18 char

    • Order code 51010487

      Label paper 3 x 16 char

    • Order code 51007657

      Adapter Upgrade TXU10

      4 pin plug to M12.

    • Order code 51004751

      Collar welding boss d6 PEEK + screw

      moveable with sealing taper, washer + pressure screw G1/2, material of wetted parts: 316L, PEEK, max. Prozessdruck: 10 bar (145 psi)

    • Order code 51004752

      Collar welding boss d6 PEEK w/o screw

      moveable with sealing taper + washer, material of wetted parts: 316L, PEEK, max. process pressure: 10 bar (145 psi)

    • Order code 51007599

      Screw G1/2" + Sealing cone PEEK

    • Order code 51005148

      Cable M12x1 l=5m

      5m cable 4x 0.34 mm2, molded PVC angled connector, M12x1 connector screw Cu Sn/Ni, IP67.

    • Order code 51006327

      M12 elbow plug ready for cable, IP67,PG7

    • Order code 71217708

      Cordset 4p D18 IP69K

      PVC cable, 4 x 0.34 mm2 (22 AWG) with M12x1 coupling nut from stainless steel; straight female connector type; screw plug; length 5 m (16.4 ft); IP69K.

    • Order code TXU10-

      Configuration kit TXU10-

      for PC-programmable devices. set-up programme+interface cable for PC with USB-Port.

    • Order code TA50-

      Compression Fitting TA50

      Screw in.

    • Order code RXU10-

      Accessories Datamanager RXU10